33_Composition_Concrete Island

32_Media_Homedecor_House for a Table

31_Design Lab_40xCut-outs

30_Composition_Asteroid B-162

29_Design Lab_A Floating Bazaar

28_Project_Bridge House II

27_Design Lab_The Disappearing Pavilion

26_Project_House for a Table

25_Media_Homedecor_House that Grew (a metre taller)

24_Media_Squarerooms_Tea House Behind

23_Composition_Tea House Behind

22_Project_House That Grew (a metre taller)

21_Composition_Table Journeys

20_Design Lab_A Web of Stories

19_Project_House Upstairs

18_Composition_Open Kitchen

17_Media_Homedecor and Squarerooms_House for a Serial Collector

16_Composition_Eclipse on the Wall


14_Project_House with Sky-well

13_Media_Squarerooms_Window House

12_Project_House for a Serial Collector

11_Project_Window House

10_Project_Room in a Room House

09_Media_Newbrandmedia_Floor House

08_Design Lab_The Facetted Gallery

07_Design Lab_Cars, Cakes and Conversations

06_Composition_Balancing Beams

05_Media_Homedecor_Floor House

04_Design Lab_Bridge House

03_Project_Upside-Down House

02_Project_Floor House

01_Design Lab_The Daydream Machine

00_Studio Super Safari

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