An unusually (perhaps in most other flats almost uncomfortably) long table stretches 4.9 metres across the length of the dining room. At one end, the table terminates to confront the visitor at the entrance way. The opposite end forces the kitchen back into its small confined space at the back of the flat. How such an unusually long table got to be constructed, bearing in mind the spatial limits of the otherwise typical Singaporean 5-room match-box flat was precisely the brief set by the clients. In other words, the brief started from the table.

The 4.9 metres of surface performs variously as work desk, dining table, breakfast/standing bar and kitchen countertop, with storage beneath, all at once. More than merely being furniture, the sites of eating and cooking, hosting of guests and at other times work and studio, translate from table surface into a spatial orchestration of moving and sliding doors. As backdrop for the dramatic table, the timber “wall” behind slides back and forth to reveal at times an extended open kitchen, and at other times the compartmentalised storage that keeps office stationary for work and studio mode.

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