What is in a project? Stories – told to us by the various people involved at the onset of each design opportunity, and retold again through our creative lenses in black and white – lines and paper, and, in form and space. Even when each project comes to an end, we celebrate the life and stories that had been crafted into each space, knowing that these hidden stories take on another lease of life in the form of documentation: in text, illustrations, and photographs.

A Web of Stories is a world where these real (and even unrealised) stories are revealed: in some cases an event takes its time to unfold and the spaces are animated into being; in others we (playfully – and unapologetically) take liberties in adding in possible futures where alternative “endings” get woven into strands of realities. In each of these stories, our projects get lived.

We are happy to bring to you a glimpse into the conceptualisation of our website and online portfolio, and we hope to convey our thought processes in-the-making in this growing catalogue of stories. We are also super pleased to mark this article as a milestone in our third year (and running)!

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