A collaboration piece with the Half-Half Studio.

The concrete island is designed to sit between bath and bedroom. It is composed of a plinth with two levels of cylindrical blocks: the taller drum holds a wash basin, and a shorter elliptical one acts as a low dresser with a coat rack and standing mirror.

In this project, the materiality of concrete and the making of the island becomes metaphoric references for things associated with the dressing counter: smooth powdered façade, pores on the skin, mud masks that harden on application, or the filing (and scrubbing) away of rough patches with a luffa sponge. Pores, powder, and still more scrubs.

On hindsight, the visuality, and physicality, of heaviness in the concrete island suggests its other (and until now undeclared) relation to the weighted block base of an aroma-incense holder. To prove this hypothesis, we made a 1:10 scaled-down miniature of the concrete island that works both as a paper weight, and as an aroma-incense holder. Other than hold lighted fragrance sticks, the miniature concrete block is also a playful base to hold a changeable kit of parts: basins, taps, coat rack, mirror, flower pots, and stepping stool.


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